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Knock Out Looks by Jessica LLC



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Are you looking for an Air Freshener for an area but cannot burn a candle or plug something in? Then, it would help if you used a Smellie Jellie Air Freshener. Just pop one of the vented lids and let the fragrance enter the room. When you have had enough, close it back up. As the crystals dry up, add a little water to them to extend the product's life.

These are great for offices, dorm rooms, bathrooms, or bedrooms. These make great presents for special occasions.

They will last 2-3 months while they are open. 

A warmer can be used with this product. Put a couple of teaspoons in and let the fragrance fill your room. The crystals will shrivel up to little, hard crystals. Just dispose and fill it again.

Comes in a sealed 8 oz plastic jar along with a vented lid.  

Smellie Jellie Air Fresheners are made with Smellie Jellie Crystals, Water, Coloring, and Fragrance Oil.

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